The Sweetest Wedding

This wedding was filled with sweet smiles, sweet kisses, and a sweet dessert bar that was second to none! Sweetness was the unintentional theme of this matrimony. From the private letters Brian and Charmain wrote to each other, to the love and adoration shared by every guest for this couple, there was no shortage of esteemed moments. The ceremony took place at The First Baptist Church of Lawrenceville. A very reverent ceremony that flowed with tears and laughs. The church is a staple of Lawrenceville having been constituted in May of 1849. The reception took place near by at 550 Trackside. High ceilings and rustic chandeliers grabbed your attention while a packed house full of dancing and celebration demanded your participation. A dessert bar that had everything from cupcakes to cheese cake lined the back wall. Another fun wedding in the books for us at Nova Weddings, and as always, one to be remembered.

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