Nova Weddings Videography Pricing 2022

Nova Weddings Package Options

Step One:  Everyone starts with the short film

Short Film | $1,999

Includes 8 hours of wedding day coverage, 60 second trailer, and 4-6 minute highlight film. Keep in mind that our films are not just music and video, we put a lot of thought into making these videos tell a story. This means we will want to converse with our Couples in order to better understand their stories. This also means we may need to meet up with our couple’s before the wedding.

Step Two: Additions

Pre-Wedding Story | $399

The Pre-Wedding story will give everyone an insight to the things you love to do together and your individual interests. This film will be edited and made available for you to share before your wedding. It’s like an engagement shoot but better!

Ceremony Edit | $199

The Ceremony Edit covers your ceremony from start to finish from two angles with professional audio. The edit is documentary style which means you will see it as it happened. The professional editing will ensure you get to see key moments like a grooms reaction to seeing his beautiful bride, or a parents reaction to their child saying “I do”.

Reception Toasts Edit | $199

The Reception Toast Edit covers the evening’s toasts from start to finish with two cameras. We also record professional audio and stitch the video to show key reactions and emotions.

Aerial Drone Coverage | $199

Drone coverage makes every Short Film look like a Hollywood Blockbuster! We capture your ceremony venue, reception venue, and even your send off from a drone. Our pilots are FAA certified. 

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage | $499

This is a separate edit of your rehearsal Dinner captured from two cameras with professional audio. Sometimes people give their congratulations speeches on this night, where it’s more intimate, don’t miss out on the chance to capture that moment!

Social Mini’s | $299

The Social Mini’s package is great for those of us who want more than one video to share on our social media. We create 5-6 mini (45-60 seconds long) films based around different pieces of your wedding day. For example you will have a video focused on the details (invites, jewelry, the dress, bouquet, heirlooms, etc.), another will be focused on the Ceremony (Quick shots of the venue, flowers, guests, and sound bites from the Bride, Groom, and Officiant).

Raw Footage | $299

This option gives you all of the footage recorded during any sessions prior to, and the day of your wedding. These clips will be completely unedited but can be useful in making a one year anniversary video to share with family and friends.  

Additional Hours(Per Hour) | $99



What equipment do you use? –We choose our equipment carefully and specific for each individual wedding and location.  An array of Sony cameras, a good amount of high end lenses, and lavalier microphones.

How long will the Film be? – We are short form film makers.  The way we shoot is more time consuming than traditional videographers that might offer longer films focused on coverage.  We are focused on making a story about you (as a couple) that the viewer can relate to.  Great content such as narration in the form of speeches & readings, can support longer running times but our films average between 4-6 minutes. 

How many camera operators do I need?– One Videographer is usually enough to cover a wedding day. We have the equipment needed for one to two videographers to successfully record a wedding.  

Who will be shooting and editing our film? – Jose leads all shoots and edits. 

What do you wear? – Our dress code is discreet/smart. Our goal is to not be noticed, so if there is a special color pattern that guests need to wear, we will do our best to blend in.

Do you require a meal? – We usually have a meal provided.  By 4pm we haven’t eaten since early morning and we’d really appreciate a hot meal organized for us.  This saves us the time of driving away from the venue and allows us time to organized the audio and camera positions for the speeches/toasts.  If your speeches are spread out between courses its very important we eat the same time as the guests as this arrangement shortens the time we have to prepare the equipment.

How do we receive the finished work? – All of the finished pieces are provided on a flash drive. The Short film will first be sent via WeTransfer for your download and approval. 

When do we receive the finished work? We pride ourselves in our efficiency both when filming your wedding and when editing it. All editing is done in house by the videographer who shot your wedding; unlike other companies that pay someone who wasn’t even there or who hasn’t met the couple. We will have a 60 second trailer to you within 7 days of your wedding and the full highlight within 30 days. 

How do we go about booking you? – A booking is confirmed on receipt of a non-refundable initial deposit of 50% of the balance. The rest of the balance is on your wedding date. Sadly we cannot hold dates for you without an deposit and signing a contract.

Does Nova Weddings travel to capture weddings? Yes, we love to travel!

How do we pay? – Paypal, (Paypal does incur bank/services charges, please contact us for more details) Square Cash, Venmo, Check, or good old fashioned cash.